getting your starter kit!

welcome here! if you’re ready to dive into the world of essential oils, there’s no better place to start than with a young living starter kit. by grabbing one through me, you’ll get to be a part of a wicked-fun group of people, all learning and growing in natural living together. you’ll get a welcome package with oily goodies, and access to our incredible free online education + resources. we’re here for you and want to teach you more!

you ready?! click this link right —> here <— and follow these steps:

  1. make sure “member” is clicked. this just means you’ll get a 24% discount on your account. you won’t ever be obligated to sell anything, the discount is a perk of being a member! choose your country + language, make sure the ID boxes have my ID - #18115745

  2. skip to “option 2: set up your monthly order” and under “choose your essential rewards kit” click “premium starter kits”. view all, and pick your kit. (TIP: the desert mist diffuser is my fave - runs for 10 hrs and has 11 light settings!) then click “add product” and “save monthly order”. this is where you can set up your monthly wellness box subscription! essential rewards is my FAVOURITE part about YL! (okay, maybe besides the products themselves) it’s free, you earn points to spend like cash, you get monthly freebies, and your box is fully customizable every month. SUCH a helpful way to kickstart the toxic-free lifestyle! *when you get your kit in AUGUST + sign up for ER, you’ll get a f r e e 15ml bottle of cedarwood oil. dreamy sleep, comin’ right up!*

    some of our go-to’s to add to our box:

    + thieves household cleaner: the ONLY thing we use to clean ANYthing - floors, bathrooms, sinks, windows, mirrors, toys - you name it this powerhouse gets the job done

    + life 9 probiotic: gut health is so important! i get mine right by using this supplement daily

    + seedlings baby wash: only the cleanest for gus. gentle + calming, this wash is a baby bedtime routine must-have in this house

    + deep relief roller: see ya, headaches!

    + valor oil blend: packed with emotional support oils, this in my go-to when i need a self-confidence boost, or a little extra self-love

    + dragon time oil blend: tames that PMS like nothin’ else

    + thieves toothpaste + orange oil: keeping my pearls sparklin’ white!

    + lavender infused mascara: need i say more?

  3. click the “confirm monthly order” tick box and then, “continue”. OR! you can add more products that you’re itching to try right away. *adding more in AUGUST will get you a f r e e 15ml pine oil! so good for skin, respiratory + emotional support*

  4. enter all your info, and don’t worry about clicking either option for the tax info (just leave it blank!) create a username, password, and pin (write these down!) to login into your account. “agree + continue”, then on to payment + shipping and you’re good to go!

SO excited for your kit to make it’s way to you, you’ll never be the same! welcome to our oily fam, i’ll be in touch soon. ♡



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